How To Build A Website That Can Blow Your Competition Away

Build a website, and watch your profits soar!

Well, maybe.  A website can give a bricks and mortar business a real boost, and it can give extra income and security as a home based business for an employee, a retiree or a stay at home mom or dad. It has to be made right though.

Most websites - around 95% - don't make enough money to pay for themselves, let alone bring in extra money. They get almost no traffic, and the traffic they do get doesn't convert into clients.

So I won't just show you how to build a website, I'll show how to make a website that works. Even if you have a website made for you, you should check this site out. Way too many web designers don't do this stuff.

How to Make Your Own Website

If you want to build your own website I'll show you how to do that as easily as possible. On the website building side you'll learn:

  • How to design your website
  • How to make a template that's easy to update and easy to restyle
  • How to add images properly
  • How to choose a good domain name and register it
  • How to upload files
  • And lots more

How To Make Your Website Work

Getting visitors, leads and sales doesn't happen naturally! There are two parts to making a website that works, the nuts and bolts of building the website, and the marketing side, i.e. actually getting visitors and turning them into customers.

These two parts are intertwined, so to get visitors you must build your website in a certain way. Many professional web designers ignore this side of the equation, and concentrate on the looks. So they make a great looking website that gets almost no visitors.

So you'll also learn:

  • How to build a website so the search engines love it
  • Other things you must do to get visitors to your website
  • How to make a website your visitors love
  • How to turn visitors into customers

To learn more, keep reading ...