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Hi, I'm Warren Newson, webmaster, writer editor and everything else on building-a-web-site.com. I thought you might like to know a little more about the person who’s trying to help you with building your website.

I live in Australia with my wife and teenage kids in the pretty little city of Armidale, New South Wales. With the web though, it doesn’t matter where you live anymore. You can do business worldwide, and I’m always amazed when I look at my traffic stats and see just where my website visitors live.

I never started out in the computer or internet business.  I actually did a trade as an aircraft maintenance engineer when I left school. After about ten years of that and other trade work I decided to go to university, but even then I did engineering, not computing. In fact, at that stage I'd never seen a computer and didn’t know a single person who owned one.

I was like a lot of other people, and always looking for something better, or something where I could earn extra money from home. When I finally learned about the internet and making money from affiliate programs I thought great, there’s something I could do, an internet business I could build up in my spare time.

It wasn’t so easy though. I used Mozilla Composer (a predecessor of KompoZer) to build my first website and apart from the learning curve it wasn’t too bad. My site was fairly basic but it was a short story and poetry site (avacus.com) and I had contributions from all around the world. Some contributions were really top quality.

I had no idea about building traffic or even how to use affiliate programs effectively though. A lot of my ideas were just plain wrong but I had a lot of fun with the site. Eventually I stopped it because it took a lot of my spare time and didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

It could have though. A few months ago I read about a deal between a large publishing company “Simon and Schuster” and a website called “Scribed” that allows people to contribute amateur books and articles that are mainly free to view. According to the newspaper article Scribed gets 60 million unique visitors each month! They make money from the sale of some of the books, and now from the sale of e-books from Simon and Schuster.

There’s another lesson learned.  With more knowledge and determination I could have gone a lot further with that first website of mine.

I built more websites for myself but they never really got much traffic. I’d heard about Solo Build It but resisted using it for a long time because at that stage you could only buy it with an upfront cost of US$300 and I thought I could do without it.

Eventually because my websites were going nowhere fast I scraped together the money and subscribed to Solo Build It. I had a lot of “aha” moments when I read their guide and discovered just where I had been going wrong. (You can read the guide here)

 I can now get a website in the top 1% of websites for traffic if I work at it. Since then I’ve done a lot more reading and learning about building websites and internet marketing.

I’ve had a few friends and relatives asking how to build a website and that’s how this one got started. I’ve made so many mistakes and wasted so much time I’d hate to see others do that too.

Most people don’t realize that actually building the website is only part of the equation. A website without traffic is as useless as a car without an engine.  Paying someone to build a website doesn’t guarantee traffic either.

You have to do some traffic building things as part of building your web pages and website, and that’s what the thrust of this website is. Half of it is the technical side of how to build a website in a way that’s easy and quick and cheap for a complete newbie, and half of it is what you need to do to get traffic.

You’ll find I recommend products on this website, because there are tools and services you have to have to have a website, such as a page builder and hosting. I do believe Solo Build It is the best of all because it has all the tools and the step by step system you need and it’s cheaper than getting everything separately. My theory is that when you build a website you need to use your time as effectively as possible. Solo Build It lets you do that much better than any other software I know of.

Of course, even though I am impressed with Solo Build It, not everyone will want to use it, so I try to recommend the best of the other resources as well.

I have great fun building websites, and I think they can be an amazing marketing tool if they are used right. I hope I can help you build a successful website site too.

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