How To Make A Website,
Step By Step

This page shows how to make a website right from the beginning to having your website live on the internet.

It's not worth having a web site though, if you don't get visitors to it. Most websites don't get enough traffic to be worth the time, effort and cost of building them.

The lack of knowledge of other web site builders can be a huge advantage to you if you build your website right. You get the visitors, not them.

So I won't just show how to make a website, I'll be showing what you have to do to get targeted traffic as well.

Getting The Concept Right

If you're building a website for your off-line business, you'll already know what your site will be about.

If you're building a website to make money from home, you've got some thinking to do. Ideally you'll want a to find niche that you're knowledgeable and enthusiastic about, that there are enough people looking for, and that there is a good opportunity to make money from.

"The Affiliate Masters Course" is a free e-book that will walk you through the process of finding a niche, as well as heaps more.

How Will Anyone Find Your Site?

It doesn't matter what field you're in, there are thousands of competing websites. How do you beat the competition and get people to visit your site, not theirs?

Keyword research is a big part of the answer. It's a vital part of knowing how to make a website that draws in those targeted visitors.

Keyword research will tell you what words or phrases are searched on most often, and how much competition there is for those keywords from other sites. Ideally, you'll be looking for keywords with high search numbers, and low competition.

For example, “increase website traffic” is searched on 322 times a day across all the search engines, and there are 507,000 sites competing for that keyword. “Increased website traffic” is searched on 315 times a day, and has a one tenth the competition. 

Little differences in the keywords can make a big difference in traffic. How would you know without research?

Keyword research will also help you plan your site and plan what your pages are about.

Planning Your Site

Armed with the results of your keyword research, you can plan your site. That is, you can decide what topics you'll be covering, right down to what individual pages will be about, and where they fit in the structure of the site.

For this site I had a basic site map (like a table of contents) worked out before I wrote the first word.

How Will You Make Money?

You'll also need to plan how to make money from your website before you put a lot of time into building it. 

To make money from a website you could be promoting your own product or service, or some-one else's.

I personally only recommend top quality products that my visitors will be interested in, and that are value for money. It's not worth recommending or selling anything less.

Don't be scared to dump your website concept and start again if it's obvious that the numbers don't stack up and you'll have trouble making money. Of course you're writing about your passion and you don't care about money, go for it!

"The Affiliate Masters Course"  will help you here too.

Choosing A Domain Name

If you want to choose the best domain name do it after you've done your keyword research and planned your site. You can often come up with a much more effective name that will let surfers know what your site is about and that will also give you a leg up in the search engine rankings.

Doing things in the right order is part of how to make a website that gets traffic,

I've found that it can be hard to find an ideal name that isn't already being used, so you'll probably have to try lots of variations. 

Then of course, you'll have to register the new domain name and get hosting.

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