Getting Increased Web Site Traffic

This page tells how to get increased web site traffic free from the search engines whether you're building a new website or improving your existing one. And this is targeted web traffic, people who need a service or product just like yours.

Increase Web Site Traffic Two Ways

A two pronged attack will boost your targeted traffic the most.

First, get a high ranking with the search engines, so your web page shows up on the first page of the results or failing that, at least in the first three pages.

Second, increase your click through rate from the search engine results page to your web site. This isn't so obvious, but it could double or triple your traffic.

Major Areas To Look At

Increased web site traffic comes from almost every part of building a web site. The major areas are:

  • Selecting the right keywords
  • Optimizing your website and web pages for a higher search engine ranking 
  • Getting incoming links (backlinks) for a higher page rank.
  • Getting a higher click-through rate from the search engines results page
  • Making regular contact with your interested visitors

The Wrong Keywords Could Devastate Your Traffic

Keyword research is fundamental to increased web site traffic. If you use a keyword that no-one is searching on, or one with millions of competing websites, it doesn't matter how well you optimize your pages or how much money you've spent on your website, no-one will ever see your web page. Learn more about choosing the best keywords here.

Web Site Optimization

Keep your site focused on a single theme that's not too narrow, and not too broad. If you're a locksmith and you repair or make boots, you're better off having two websites, though you would link from one to the other. It's easier to rank highly for a single theme than for a website the search engines see as unfocused.

Use your website's main keyword or phrase in the domain name. You may need to be a bit creative because most good domain names have gone. Click on the link for help with domain name ideas.

Give useful information and plenty of it. That's what people are searching for. It will keep them on your site longer, and give them a reason for coming back.

Get increased web site traffic by adding new pages. That's more useful content for your visitors and more pages for the search engines to find. The search engines love fresh content so that's going to help raise your site's ranking as well. You're better off adding new pages than spending time tweaking your existing pages excessively.

Use keywords and key phrases in the anchor text when you link to other pages in your site.  (That's the text people click on.)

Check your site for usability and for broken links. The search engines don't like broken links. (If you use SBI you'll be notified of any broken links).

Check your site's statistics. You can see the results of your changes, find out what phrases people are using to find your site, see what are your most popular pages, what pages visitors enter and leave on, and a lot more.

Web Page Optimization

Web pages need to be search engine friendly, as well as visitor friendly. You need to put enough hooks on your page so that the search engines can tell what it is about.

The first thing to do every time you build a new web page is keyword research. Even small changes to keywords can sometimes mean big increases in targeted traffic. Without keyword research you're just shooting in the dark, and you could be missing out on a lot of profit.

Each page should focus on one keyword. Use the keyword in the page's filename, title, meta description, and the page header. Sprinkle your keyword throughout the content, but don't overdo it. Most experts recommend the keyword should be 1-3% of the total text.

Also, use the keyword in the first paragraph and try to use it in bold or in a text link somewhere in the page.

Write useful information. It's what people are looking for, it's what the search engines want, and it will help get higher rankings with the search engines.

It seems load times can affect your page ranking and if your pages load too slowly visitors may click away before they even see your page. Optimize your page to load quickly. Particularly optimize images.

With images use the key phrase in the file name. Many people search for images and it can bring in some increased web site traffic for very little effort. Use the key phrase in the alt text as well. More about adding images.

Don't use “black hat” methods to try and cheat the search engines into giving your site a higher ranking. They can be rather unforgiving when they discover what you've done.

Boosting The Click-Through Rate

Getting on the first page of the search engine results page isn't the end of what you can do to get increased web site traffic. You can also improve the title and descriptions of your pages and get a big traffic boost by getting more click-throughs from the search engines to your web site.
The page title and meta description work together as an ad for your site when they're displayed on the search engine results page.

Try to write a title/description that will compel searchers to click to your site. This could double or triple your traffic. Check the results pages in your niche and other niches to see what would get you to click through, and use that as a guide for your own title/description.

More about the meta description

Incoming links

“On page” optimization will only take your site so far in the rankings war. If there were 100 sites about a particular subject, all beautifully optimized, which is the the most valuable one that deserves to be number one on the results page? To find the best site the search engines use off page factors as well. The big off-page factor that will really give increased website traffic is incoming links, often called backlinks.

"Make Your Links Work"  is a free 69 page e-book that tells everything thing you need to know about backlink building. (You'll find the link  to "Make Your Links Work" halfway down the page).

And SiteSell's Value Exchange is the best link exchange program I've come across. It's free, and it only has quality sites registered.

Get More From Your Traffic

Most people won't buy straight away, and once they've left your site they probably won't come back again. There are a few things you can do to keep in touch though. You may not get a lot of increased web site traffic from them, but they'll help you get the most from the traffic you do get.

1. Write a regular newsletter providing useful info as well as promoting your products. It can be as simple as telling what new pages you've added to your site.

2. Write an e-book - offer it to visitors and list it in e-book directories. Make it fluff free quality content that helps your visitors, and use it as a pre-seller of your product or services.

3. Write free reports or an e-course that you send to visitors in several parts e.g. a seven part e-course. You could send one part each week, or each two days or whatever is appropriate.

4. Add an RSS feed like I have under the navigation bar. Visitors can subscribe and see when you add pages or update pages.  (This is very easy to do if you use Site Build It)

Pay Per Click Advertising

Free traffic from the search engines is fantastic, but it can take months to get worthwhile numbers. Pay per click advertising can give you increased web site traffic within ten minutes.

You have to know what you're doing though. Beginners can easily lose more money than they make. You need to research keywords, write ads, test ads and keep track of what you do and the results you get.

Learn more about pay per click advertising here.

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