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Building This Page With KompoZer

This page shows a screenshot of this page being built with KompoZer, a free wysiwyg software program. It is very like using a word processor, with some different commands.

You can see the page title and filename at the top in the blue line. Below that are menus giving access to all the commands. The CSS editor is labeled CaScadeS for some reason.

Screenshot of the KompoZer design view

At the bottom of the page Normal is the normal design view, while Source is where you can edit the HTML code directly.

This web site is powered by Site Build It to get all the productivity advantages, but the pages are built in KompoZer, using a Site Build It template. I could just have easily used Dreamweaver to build the pages, another wysiwyg program, or Site Build It's block by block page builder, which is actually easier to use and fine for a site like this. I built my last website using the block by block builder.

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