Make Money With a Website

You'll find a number of different ways to make money with a website here.

Because I'm not an expert on all the different methods, I've given a brief overview and links to free e-books written by experts that will tell you more.

These are all quality e-books, as good or better than ones you pay for. They're given free as a promotion. Whether you buy the company's products or not, you'll get a lot of valuable information that will help you make money from your website.

Already Own A Business?

If you have a business already, a website can bring you a stack of new clients free from the search engines. A website is just as good for a small local business as a multi-national, and you can easily dominate the search engines for your locality and type of business.

It's a lot easier to get a high search engine ranking for "Armidale Plumber" than it is for just "plumber" by itself.

Book cover - Service Sellers Masters Course

You can even improve your bottom line by using some of the other web business ideas on this page. For example, by adding affiliate programs to your website, you can earn from visitors who live too far away to be your client.

The "Service Sellers Masters Course" goes through exactly how to build a theme based web site to market your service, whether its a local service or global. It's 203 pages of great information and its free.

Click the link to start reading the Service Sellers Masters Course, or right click to download it to your computer to read it. offline.

Need "Work At Home Mom" Web Business Ideas?

Babies give your income a real beating. Suddenly, having two incomes isn't so easy unless you put your new baby into childcare or with your own parents.

Work at Home Moms book cover

Being able to make money with a website can let you stay home with your kids. The right type of business lets you work around your child's needs. You could work late at night if you need to, early mornings, or weekends, things you couldn't do with most jobs.

So if you're looking for web business ideas, four successful work at home moms (WAHMs) have written the "WAHM-It Master's Course". It reviews different work at home options then concentrates on a theme based web site, how to make money from the website,  how to fit it into your new life, and it gives case studies.

The "WAHM-It Masters Course" is 82 pages long and it won't cost you a cent to read it. And, it's just as good for work at home dads.

Click the link to read the "WAHM-It Masters Course". Right click to download it.

Make Money From Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are one of the easiest ways to make money with a website. They are one of the most risk free ways of starting an online business, and one of the best ways to get your web business feet wet.

You recommend merchant's products from your website and when someone buys, you get paid by the merchant. You don't have to handle products, customers or money. The merchant does all that.

Affiliate Masters Course book cover

You need to build a website that's related to the products you want to sell, and you need to get targeted visitors, people who are interested in buying what you're offering. And you should only recommend quality products if you want a long lasting web business.

To learn how to make money from a website as an affiliate, read "the Affiliate Masters Course". It's 190 pages of quality info that tells you everything you need to know, and it costs nothing.

Click the link to read the "Affiliate Masters Course". Right click to download it.


Another way to make money from a website is to refer visitors to other businesses from your website. Most small businesses have no idea on how to get targeted visitors to their website, and they may well be happy to pay for leads or for leads that turn to sales.

For example, if you have a website about a particular locality, say Armidale, New South Wales, you could provide leads to an Armidale motel, a restaurant, plumber, an Armidale real estate agency, a mechanic and so on. If your locality is a tourist destination that's even better.

For example, with this site, I could sell leads to a web design business.

"The Affiliate Masters Course" (see above) would be the best free e-book to read for this way of making money from a web site.


Plenty of people make a good living with online auctions using sites like eBay to sell their goods. Having your own website about your line of goods can give you your own source of customers. You no longer have to rely on visitors to eBay buying from you, you can have visitors from your website going to the auction site specifically to check out what you have for sale.

It makes your auction business much more robust and reliable. If for some reason you had to change your auction site, your customers move with you. You can use it to diversify your income too, by adding other ways to make money from a web site.

The "Make Your Net Auction Sell Masters Course" has 229 pages of excellent information on building your own auction business. And Site Build It helps you to build the website that brings the visitors, and lets you diversify your web based income.

Click the link to read the "Make Your Net Auction Sell Masters Course", or right click to download it.

Sell Hard Goods

If you have your own products you can sell them from your website. Maybe you do custom leather work, make dolls to order, or maybe you buy bulk goods cheaply and sell them for a profit.

A website about your line of goods can give you a continual stream of customers.

Once again, "The Affiliate Masters Course" would be a good e-book to read.

Sell Your Own E-Book

Pretty well everyone - even you - has enough knowledge about a at least one subject to write an e-book (a book people can download from a website) and sell it online. The e-book doesn't even have to be very long as long as it is value for money.

The most salable e-books are guides on how to do something or fix a problem. I have bought e-books just 20 pages long for $20 and been very happy with my purchase.

"Make Your Knowledge Sell" goes through every step from brainstorming what to write about to developing the e-book and promoting it. "Make Your Knowledge Sell" used to sell for $49.95, now you can get it free.

Click to go to the "Make Your Knowledge Sell" download page. The download link is near the bottom of the page.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing (MLM) is a brilliant idea, and good distributors can make a fortune, but most people find it just too hard. There's not really knowing what to do, fear of rejection, fear of alienating family and friends, the sheer numbers of prospects to work through to get anywhere at all...

Building a web site can make all the difference. You don't want to write about your company's products. You'd write about the problem and possible solutions.

I don't have a free e-book about online network marketing, but SiteSell's network marketing page will give you some valuable insights.

Make Sure It's Viable

No matter what way you decide to make money with a website, don't just jump in without checking to see if it is viable. Do keyword research, and look at the relative numbers of searchers to competing sites.

Read the e-books I've listed, and if you can't find one to match your web business ideas read "The Affiliate Masters Course"  (Right click to download it). And read the rest of this web site to learn more about building a web site that will get lots of targeted traffic.

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