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Site Build It Page Builder Review

I'm happy to say, the second half of this page is now obsolete!

Sitesell has spent $3.5 million developing a brand new state of the art page builder.

Watch the video below to see me use the new site builder to select a template and modify it.

This video isn't a tutorial, it's to show you how the site designer works so if you have been thinking about getting Site Build It, you can see what it's like to use and make up your own mind about it. it's a 13 minute video because it's hard to show it very well in a 5 minute video.

In the video you'll see me first first log into Site Build It, opening onto Site Central, the hub page leading to all the various sections of Site Build It. I then go to the site builder, have a look at the template section, and open a template similar to this website

You can watch as I:
  • center the template
  • add a page background color
  • remove a navbar background graphic I don't want to use
  • change the font, text color, font size, letter spacing etc
  • show the various help sections
  • resize the gap between paragraphs and headers
  • insert borders, and round the corners
  • Change the callout box background color, and add shading around the box
  • Show where to add custom CSS
  • and more.

You can check out Site Build it! here

Note that this only shows the site buider for selecting, modifying or making a template. I'll be making another video to show how to actually put content on your pages.

You can check out Site Build it! here

You can also watch site Build Its video of the new page builder. Go to this page and watch the video at the top of the page.

And, despite the development costs, the cost of the Site Build It! subscription has not changed.

The rest of this page describes the old block by block page builder. Of course, the new page builder still has the advanced features like the page analyzer.

This is a review of the Site Build It! web page builder including a description of how it works, pros and cons, who it's for, features, how easy it is to use, and the learning curve required.

Site Build It (SBI) contains a lot more than just a page builder. It is a complete suite of website building tools and website marketing advice. SBI is from SiteSell, created by Ken Evoy, whose team is constantly updating and improving it.

How It Works

SBI web page builder screenshot
The Site Build It page builder uses a unique approach.

All the various parts of the page including page information that goes in the meta tags, navigation options and actual page content are entered into blocks.

Users follow the prompts so the technical know-how needed is kept to a minimum.

For example, if you want to insert an image, in the graphic block you're prompted for the image file (that you've already uploaded into a graphics library), the image alignment (none, left, center, right), and alt text.

If you want the image to be a link, you're prompted for the page to link to, also the mouseover text (to be shown in the status bar at the bottom of the web page), and whether or not the link should be shown in a new window.

Every block works the same way with a series of text boxes and prompts to enter the needed information. The entire web page is built up block by block.

Other Features

The Site Build It page builder has some advanced features.

There is a template library, where the user can choose a template and customize it they want to.

A very useful feature that I haven't seen integrated with any other web page builder is the page analyzer. This checks that the page is optimized for the search engines by checking the main keyword for its frequency and position on the page.

If the keyword isn't used often enough, or too often, or it's not included in the right places the user is prompted to make changes. This is an important part of getting free traffic from the search engines.

The page submitter is another unique feature. Site Build It automatically submits pages to the four major search engines in accordance with their submission guidelines. It is a convenience and a time saver.

It's also easy to add RSS and social bookmarking links so visitors can subscribe to your feed, or share your pages.

Who It's For

Site Build It as a whole is for newbies and veteran web site builders alike.  The page builder is mainly for newbies. Experienced webmasters can use their favorite page building software and upload those pages to Site Build It.

Having said that, some experienced users still like to use the page builder because they can stay more focused on the all important content creation.

How Easy Is It?

The first time I used wysiwyg page building software it took a while to learn about web page building and how to use the software. There was a considerable learning curve, and I spent a lot of time in the help files.

By contrast, I found the SBI page builder quite straight-forward to use. It was more like follow the dots. Of course I did have the advantage of already knowing how to build web pages by then, but I do believe a first time web site builder will find it considerably easier to learn and easier to use than a wysiwyg software program.


What's good about the page builder?

  • It's easy to learn, and easy to use.
  • You don't need to be a techie to do the technical bits of page building.
  • It teaches the basics of good web page design to suit visitors and search engines alike.
  • It produces search engine optimized pages.
  • It automates the tedious parts of web page building.
  • It saves time.
  • There is an abundance of helpful information included, plus access to the forums.
  • It is regularly improved.
  • Minimal learning curve required.


Nothing is perfect, so what's wrong with the Site Build It page builder?

  • It's a little bit clunky, like riding a bike with training wheels.
  • You do need a small amount of HTML knowledge, though I'd say less than you'd need even with a wysiwyg website building program.
  • You can't use virtual includes, however it's still easy to do most of the things you'd want virtual includes for.
  • Maybe an over-abundance of information. I'd say stick to the action guide and only refer to the other info when necessary.


Just what do you get in Site Build It's page builder? Here's a review of what's included.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Customizable templates
  • Block by block page builder
  • Page analyzer
  • Automated Page submitter
  • Automatic notification to Search engines of updated pages
  • Domain name parking
  • Automated XML site map maker
  • Automated blogging
  • Easy insertion of RSS and social bookmarking tools
  • Traffic stats
  • Quality site building information
  • Access to SBI forums for more help

Many of the technical Site Build It page building features are automated so that minimal time and technical knowledge are needed for them.

Note that the features here only relate to page building. See a complete list of SBI tools here.


The page builder is only available as part of the complete suite of tools, currently $299/year or $29.99/month.

Return Policy

SiteSell.com will refund you 100% within the first 30 days of purchase, and on a pro-rata basis after that, for whatever part of the year remains.

Questions About Site Build It?

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