Site Build It Review
 - Is this website building software worth the price?

This is a review of Site Build It, (SBI) a suite of tools its maker SiteSell says doesn't just build a website, it builds a web business.

SBI has all the tools you need to build a successful web site, as well as mountains of advice, from a ten “day” (actually ten step) guide on building a successful website, to a tips and techniques section, to a helpful user forum.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Site Build It though, there's one question you're probably wondering.

Why Pay When You Can Make A Site For Free?

The short answer is simple -

Because you'll probably make more a lot more money...

The World Wide Web Is like An Iceberg

Imagine an iceberg. You can only see 10% of it and the rest is hidden under the water. Now imagine its sunk a little lower and you can only see the top 5%. That 5% is like the websites that you can actually find on the internet.

All the others are buried under the water, never ever to be seen except in exceptional circumstances. Maybe a deep sea diver goes looking, or maybe someone drills down 20 pages in Google. It doesn't happen that often. The pointy bits at the top of the iceberg are the sites you find easily, Amazon, Wikipedia etc.  The rest of that 5%  that you can see is made up of well crafted sites built by people that know how to get websites found. 

Then there is the 95%  of the iceberg under the water, all the other websites that never make the light of day, that almost never get found. That is the natural state for a website, not up above water it can be seen. That's where your DIY website will be or where your professionally built website goes unless you or your website designer have some fairly specialized knowledge and do the extra work that's needed.

What does that have to do with Site Build It?

Site Build It Sites Are At The Top Of The Iceberg

SiteSell (Site Build It!'s maker) does a check of random Site Build It sites every few years, and what they found is the major reason I recommend Site Build It. 62% of Site Build It sites are in the top 3% of websites for traffic. They are right there at the top of the iceberg, well out of the water, and they can be and are found by interested visitors. By the law of averages, you'd expect 3% of SBI sites to be in the top 3% not 62%.

Let's face it, a website that doesn't get found is a waste of time and money and won't make you a cent. Is it worth a dollar a day to be near the top of the iceberg and actually be found?

Websites That Make Money Cost Money

You can't build a house without tools. You can't even build a rabbit hutch without tools, and it's the same with a website that actually makes you money. You can't build it without tools, and those tools cost you money.

You need research tools so that you know what your ideal customer is typing into the search engines (maybe $20/month, maybe a lot more). Guessing puts you down below the waterline on our iceberg.

You need to be able to keep in touch with your interested website visitors because almost no-one buys on their first visit Another $20/month. Then you still need hosting - $5/month.

So you're up to at least $45/month and you still need a system that works. Building a website is only half the job. It's like a house without foundations.  There are plenty of internet marketers that will sell you a system - $50/month, or a $200 once only price, or a $1000 price tag or even more, and they have no proof of success. You could be buying a lemon. All of a sudden $30/month is looking cheap.

So that is another reason I recommend SBI. They have the tools, they have the system, they have they proof and the price is cheap for what you get.

The Techie Stuff Is Getting More Complicated

Websites used to be fairly simple. But now you have to design for anything from a mobile phone to a widescreen desktop display. You need RSS feeds to keep in touch with visitors, social media buttons, xml sitemaps for the search engines and a whole lot more. 

Site Build it makes the techie stuff a lot more simple so that you can concentrate on the important stuff like writing content. Just one more reason I recommend SBI. Yes, you could use WordPress, but you still miss out on the plan to go from internet zero to hero (or from the bottom of the iceberg to above water), and you still miss out on research tools and the keep in touch with visitors tools.

Who It's For

Site Build It is designed for newbies and experienced web site builders alike, with newbies being lead by the hand through the building process, and experienced webmasters benefiting from productivity improvements.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Site Build It has been specifically designed to be used by web site building newbies, so they can build a successful traffic generating money making website. The SBI team has done a great job in making the whole process easy and understandable.

The technical aspects of site building have been automated so user either has to do nothing, it's all done for her, or, she just has to set the system up and then the job is done automatically after that. There are full instructions at every step sothe job is as easy as it's likely to get.

The page builder is just as easy as a wysiwyg software program.

Using Site Build

First of all, building a successful website takes time and effort, there's just no getting away from it. Site Build It minimizes the effort needed on the technical site-building level, and puts a lot of emphasis on using the correct web site building process to maximize targeted visitors.

Apart from having fun exploring the SBI interface at "Site Central", about the first thing the new user needs to do is read (or watch) the action guide that breaks the site building process into 10 days (really 10 steps).

The first five days are preparation, understanding the concept behind a successful site that generates lots of targeted visitors in a warm, willing to buy mindset. Actually building the site doesn't start until day six.
 The steps are:

  • Day 1 - Understanding the Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetize fundamentals
  • Day 2 - Using keyword research to find your best site concept
  • Day 3 - Using keyword research to find profitable topics for your best site concept
  • Day 4 - Investigating and planning monetization of your site
  • Day 5 - Refining your site concept and registering your domain name
  • Day 6 - Start building your website
  • Day 7 - Building free traffic from the search engines
  • Day 8 - Building relationships with visitors - blogging, RSS, social networking, newsletter
  • Day 9 - Uing your website stats to improve your site and profitability
  • Day 10 - Monetize it - making the money

That is the process in a nutshell. It may seem drawn out compared to just diving in and starting building, but it works. The most successful SBI'ers say they just put on blinkers and followed the action guide.

Company Info

Site Build It is the flagship product from SiteSell, started and run by Dr. Ken Evoy since 1997.  SiteSell  also provides a number of info products, some of them free, all to do with helping online small businesses. 

SiteSell is based in Montreal, Canada, and has been profitable since it was started. SiteSell says it is committed to overdelivering on customer expectations, and providing cutting edge technology at a competitive price. SiteSell has around 40,000 customers world wide.

Site Build It Features

It is hard to list all the SBI features because there are so many of them but the following list is a good start. New features are added as required, and existing features updated. Because the software is hosted on SiteSell's servers, any updates are immediately available to all users.

  • Keyword Brainstorming
  • Domain Registration
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Web Page Builder with Point-and-Click Site Building
  • Customizable Site Templates
  • Online Logo/Graphic Image Creation
  • Page Manager
  • HTML Uploading with Full Integration
  • Forms
  • E-zine Publishing
  • RSS/Blog It!
  • Image and Link Libraries
  • Link Fix It!
  • WebMail
  • E-commerce Compatible
  • Automatic Search Engine Optimization
  • Automatic Search Engine Submission
  • Automatic Google Sitemap and Yahoo! Site Feed Submissions
  • Automatic Search Engine Re-submission
  • Automatic Search Engine Rank Tracking
  • Newsletter Subscription & Delivery (HTML+Text) w/ Spam Checking and Open Rate
  • Traffic Stats, Analysis
  • Click In and Out Stats and Analysis
  • Advanced Link Exchanging
  • Step-by-Step Action Guide
  • SBI! Xpress E-zine
  • SBI! Forums
  • Unlimited One to One Customer Support
  • Tips 'n Techniques Headquarters where SBI! users share their most effective strategies


Site Build It is available as a yearly or monthly subscription at  $300/year or $30/month

Return Policy will refund you 100% within the first 30 days of purchase, and on a pro-rata basis after that, for whatever part of the year remains. You can keep the domain name.

Is It Worth The Price?

The big thing about Solo Build It is the number of SBI built sites (most built by website newbies remember) that are at the top of the iceberg, that are in the top few percent of all websites for traffic. That is worth way more than 30/month, so my opinion is, yes it's worth it. Don't buy it though unless you're ready to follow the action guide and do the work or you may as well use WordPress for free. you'll get the same results.

Next Page:  The Solo Build It page builder. This is only one small part of the SBI suite of tools, but it is an important one.  I've made a video showing the page builder in action.

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