Site Build It: Scam Or Not?

Site Build It (SBI) is an all in one website and web business building solution. But is it a Site Build It scam as some say, or is it the holy grail of web business building as others tell you? There are fairly passionate views on both sides of the argument, so who is right? Or is the answer somewhere in-between?

Site Build It Reviews - Paid Affiliate Pitches?

I like to read reviews of products before I buy but there's always a thought at the back of my mind, Is this person saying how marvelous the product is just to make a sale and get the commission? You don't really know if you can trust what is being said, and that is true of SBI reviews too.

Will you get an unbiased opinion here?

This website is about making websites, and Site Build it is just one web building product out of many that I could promote. In fact, it's not even the best paying, so there's no point in me saying it's good unless it's good.

For example, if I get just 6 people per month to buy HostGator website hosting, I would get paid $75 per signup, the same as I would get paid from a SBI signup. If I get 11 people to sign up for HostGator I'd get $100/sale!

SBI pays a recurring commissions, meaning if the person subscribes for a second year I would get paid again. But if it is a scam there will be no recurring sales and I'm better off selling Hostgator, which is one of the best "normal" hosts out there.

For a successful website or web business you need tools such as a keyword tool and an autoresponder. (See the rest of this website if you don't know what they are or why you need them). I could get a commission from selling these tools and others you need. Then there's the e-books and e-courses telling you how to make a successful website. Some of the commissions  from these make Site Build It's commission look sick.

For me, promoting a Site Build It scam would be insanity.

"Site Build It  Is A Scam" Websites - Paid Affiliate Pitches?

It's just the same for websites that say Site Build It is a scam. Usually, they are by people promoting another affiliate program, for example "The Keyword Academy". That pays 35% of a $33 monthly charge which is even more generous than SBI, so it you also have to ask the question, are these websites slamming SBI just to sell a different product?

(And, maybe should I be  selling "The Keyword Academy" to you.)

Can You Be Successful Without Site Build It?

A successful website is one that brings in loads of interested visitors and turns them into clients. If you don't do that, then your website is a failure. It doesn't matter how nice it looks, it's still a failure, and it needs work to make it work.

And yes, of course of it's possible to build a successful website without SBI, and I spend a lot of time on this website telling you how to do just that. People have been building successful websites for years without SBI, and they will keep on doing that.

Why Not Do It Yourself Then?

People that make successful websites have knowledge, and they have tools. The newbie website builder has neither, and it takes time and money to get them. Using a program with all the tools you need and a system that takes you step by step through the process of making a successful website can save you time, save you money and what's just as important, can haver you earning money quicker.

Even for an experienced webmaster using a program that saves you time makes a lot sense.

Saving Money

For a successful website at the very least you'll need a website builder, (Kompozer is a good free one), a keyword tool, an auto responder and hosting. You can use free ones, but the web is like anything else, you get what you pay for.

Hosting is $9/month plus, and Aweber, a popular high quality autoresponder is $19/month. We're already within $2/month of the cost of Site Build It. Then Nichebot, a popular, quality keyword tool is over $17/month. Add in the cost of e-books and e-courses to help you be successful and the price keeps going up. 

Site Build It has every tool you need, much more than just a site builder, a keyword tool and an autoresponder, and probably more web site and web business building information than you could probably ever read, and it's all top quality. 

The price $299/year or $29.99/month is less than buying everything you need individually.

Another cost you need to look at is the cost of failure or delayed success. What would that be? $500/month or $1000/month or a lot more?

Saving Time

With website building, you need to look at 3 different time frames.

1.    The time to learn how to do things
2.    The time to build the site
3.    The time it takes to be successful

There is a lot to learn with building any website, let alone a successful one. There's the web builder tool. They do take time to master. There's the marketing side. Just how do you get visitors to your website, and how do you turn them into buyers? There's all the techie bits. How do you submit sites, how often do you submit them, how do you build a xml site map for Google. There's the marketing side, how do you build a search engine friendly page etc etc etc.

It all takes time, and a steep learning curve. If you value your time, and most of us do, paying for easy to use tools and a successful system makes a lot of sense.

But what if you're a mum at home, or between jobs or whatever?

 It's still worth paying for tools and a system to become successful faster. Doing it by yourself takes a lot of time just to learn what to do, and most websites fail from not getting enough traffic to make them worthwhile. Just think, all that time, all that effort, all that money and at the end of a year you still don't have a successful website and you have no idea on how to get it working. That is the reality for well over 95% of websites.

Having a beautiful website and no traffic is no good.

Does Site Build It Really Help?

Now we're getting to the nitty gritty. Can using Site Build It make you more successful or make you successful faster? Can it save you time or money?

As far as having a successful website goes, Site Build It gives its own statistics. 35% of SBI sites are in the top 1% of websites for traffic. 62% are in the top 3%.  That really says it all.

SBI does help save time. Use a preexisting template and the block by block web page builder and you've saved time by cutting down your learning curve, and by not having to design the page yourself. Whats just as important is that it saves time by automating the boring techie stuff.

And it shortens the time it takes to get interested visitors to your website because of its step by step web business building system. Learning by yourself is a slow process. I know, I've been there and done that. And, when I first used Site Build It I learned a lot that I didn't know. There were a lot of "aha" moments, and I could see so many ways that I had been going wrong.

The Site Build It system does take time to follow properly. You need to do a lot of research before you actually begin to build your web pages, but that time is what makes the difference between traffic or no traffic or between success and failure.

If you're impatient and don't follow the system your chances of success are fairly low.

Does Site Build It Work For Everyone All The Time?

Absolutely not. If you don't follow the system your chances of success are low. If you take shortcuts your chances of success are low. If you don't do the work your chances of success are low.

 There can be other problems too. You may have chosen the wrong site concept. Your website might have too broad an approach to work, or maybe too narrow. Then, it's a case of redefine your website, or start again from the beginning with a new site concept, or give up. Following the action guide carefully minimizes your chances of these having these problems.

I've used Site Build It for several years now,and in my opinion SBI does everything in its power to help you succeed, but nothing in this world is perfect, and there is no 100% guarantee of success in anything you do. Even airplanes in one of the most regulated, tested, well trained and well maintained environments in the world, still crash.

Remember the SBI success rate though.

The Guarantee

Site Build It now has a 90 day money back guarantee. That gives you 3 months to use it and if you decide it's not for you, to get your money back. SBI used to have a 30 day money back guarantee which was a bit on the short side. With the 90 days though, you have time to get a real feel for what you're paying for.

If Site Build It was a scam, the guarantee would put them out of business.

Protect Yourself

One of the complaints on the SBI scam websites it that you're locked into SBI and can't change your site. That's not right. You can cancel SBI, use the guarantee to get your money back and use all the content you've already created with another web host.

SBI even lets you keep the domain name if you refund.

What you should do though is to make sure you save all your text on your own computer, so that if you do decide to give SBI the flick, you still have your your content to use with a new host.

What I do when I use the SBI page builder is write all my content in a word processor, save it as a plain text file, and then paste it into the page builder blocks. But I do make changes in the page builder to make things better, so my final web page text is different to my word file. If you do the same which you probably will, you'll need to save your final text so you still have it on your computer if you did decide to stop using SBI.

SBI Credentials

Apart from my opinion what evidence is there that there isn't a Site Build It Scam?

SBI statistics on traffic rankings is a good start.

Then there's the fact that SBI is the only such program in the world offered at major colleges and universities at all levels, from undergrad to MBA to Continuing Education.

Then there's the thousands of SBI sites out there on the web. You can have a look at dozens of different sites here. They cover a lot of categories from electronics to cooking to fitness and a lot more.

SBI Hype

SBIers tend to be enthusiastic promoters of SBI. It's not just the affiliate money they make from promoting the product, it's that they are true believers. Some of their reviews are hard sell (unintentionally, usually) and rather hypey. It's that they truly believe this is the best way to build a website and they are over the top trying to convince others of their beliefs.

My Opinion

As I've said, my site is about how to make a website, and I can make as much or more money promoting other site building software, so my views aren't influenced by the dollars. I'm a Site Build it user, and I started off building websites without SBI.

Yes you can make a successful website without SBI, but using the tools and the SBI system will save you time and money, and give you a much better chance of success. You'll be able to build a successful website in a shorter period of time than you will without it.

There isn't a Site Build It scam, SBI is an integrated set of tools and a system designed to help you succeed that's already been used successfully by thousands of people on a multitude of different types of web sites.

It 's worth the money, and it's no more expensive than buying the tools you'll need individually from other vendors. In fact it will probably save you money as well as help you make more money than you would without it.

My Suggestion

If you've been thinking about buying Solo Build It but don't want to pay for a year's subscription up front, get on the monthly plan and give it a try.

But don't subscribe to SBI until you are ready to give it a serious go for three months. I believe you'll find it easier, quicker and cheaper to build a successful website/web business than any other means you'll find, and I'd hate to see you fail because you didn't give it a fair go.

If you have read a fake, biased Solo Build It! review, visit SiteSell's official Solo Build It Scam page to learn the truth.

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