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Home Page:  Gives you an overview of what this site is about and what I'm trying to achieve with it.

Making  A Website Overview:  Gives an overview of the main steps in building a successful website that gets lots of targeted traffic.

Making A Website Overview part 2

Domain Name Ideas:  How to choose the best domain name for your website.

Register a new domain name:  Info on how to register your new domain name and how to link it to your website.

Web Design Information:  Overview of how to design the look and feel of your site, the navigation system, and the way the content is laid out.

Web Page Design Tips:  More tips on web page design.

Building Web Pages: Overview of all the steps needed to build a web page.

Style Sheets Basics:  How to use style sheets to easily control the look of your site and to update the looks on every page at once.

 Virtual Include Basics:  How to use virtual includes to easily make changes to every page at once, e.g. update your navigation bar or footer, or add an advertisement.

Adding Web Page Images:  How to add images to your web pages. Optimize them first though!

Optimizing Web Page Images:  How to make images load fast so they don't annoy your visitors.

Uploading Web Pages: How to use an ftp program to upload files to your web host.

Hosting A Web Site  general information about web site hosting, what to look for and some hosting suggestions.

Making A Website Template: Overview of how to build an easy-to-modify template

Creating the layout: Using an HTML table for the template layout.

Set the font styles: Using CSS to set font styles so they are easy to update site wide.

Use CSS for backgrounds and background images

Set table styles: CSS again allows you to set table styles that are easy to change site wide.

Put a border around your web page with CSS: A border may make your page look better. CSS lets you change it easily.

Link from your HTML table to the CSS file. You must link your web pages to the CSS file for your styles to work.

More on linking to CSS

Add virtual includes for easy site-wide updates: Headers, footer and navbars need to be easily updated site-wide. Virtual includes let you do that.

How to make a navigation bar: Use tables, CSS and virtual includes to make a cutomizable and easily updated navbar.

Using Subfolders: Subfolders can make website organization better, but you'll need to make slight changes to your navbar and virtual includes.

Template Troubleshooting Ideas to get your template creating back on track when things go wrong

Building Traffic: Shows the essential steps for getting lots of targeted traffic.

Keyword Research:  How to find the phrases your ideal customer searches on to find a website like yours. This is the basis of getting targeted web traffic.

Getting Backlinks:  The number and quality of your site's backlinks are important for raising its ranking and getting more traffic.

Optimizing The Meta Description: This is a description  you write that is shown on the search engine results page. It can affect your ranking on the search engines and the click through rate to your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising: PPC advertising can give almost instantaneous targeted traffic, but there are pitfalls. You need to learn how to do it properly to succeed.

Web Site Software  Different types of software needed to build a successful website.

Wysiwyg web site design software  Wysiwyg software is ideal for website newbies. Learn how it works, pros, cons, what to look for.


Solo Build It Review This is a complete suite of website building tools and plus a complete website building guide.    

Solo Build It Web Page Builder Review An easy to use page builder that builds pages the search engines love.

E-books:  Free top quality downloadable e-books that will help to grow your web site.

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