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Make A Web Site Template:
Example 1

If you want to make a web site template for yourself this page shows how tables can be used for a typical layout. As well, it shows what a web page looks like when it's being built in KomPozer, a free wysiwyg web page editor.

Example of a web page template

The web page goes from the graphic "The-Classic-Sports-Cars.com" to "Return from the Ferrari Boxer ..."

Table borders are shown in red, and won't be seen when the page is viewed on the internet.  

The header graphic takes up both cells in the top row. The content is in a separate table that is nested in second column, second row, of the main table. The Google ads are in anther table again, nested in the content table.

The web page is from a site of mine using a professionally designed Site Build It template, and the page was actually built with Site Build It's  "block by block" web page builder, which is a little clunky but has a lot easier learning curve than KomPozer.

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