Website Template Troubleshooting

It's quite possible that you'll find things going wrong while you're building your website template. You make a change and either things don't work or you get weird results.

This page gives ideas on how to to troubleshoot your template, to get it working properly. It's part of a complete tutorial on how to build a website template.

Styles Not Working

If your styles aren't working, have you linked your HTML page to the CSS file, or have you linked to your CSS classes?

Sometimes I've made a new template with a working CSS file, and opened it the next day and found no CSS file. I've opened the CSS file in Notepad and found everything okay, so I've relinked the template to the CSS file and everything worked again.

Make sure you've used divs where necessary eg for CSS classes and CSS IDs.

Check that you haven't made a mistake with tags, e.g. a typo, or leaving off opening or closing brackets.

Try moving your style up and down the list of styles in the left pane of the CSS editor. Funnily enough, this can occasionally solve the  problem of your CSS style not working.

KompoZer Reverting To Earlier Saved CSS File

I've made changes to the CSS file in KompoZer and everything goes pear shaped.

I've found that KompoZer will remember an earlier saved version of the file and not only will new changes not work, some of the latest changes can disappear.

If that happens to you, open your CSS file in Notepad and check if all your changes are there. If they are, relink to the CSS file. If the changes aren't there, change things to the way you want them and resave. Check what happens. Redo this whenever necessary.

Uploaded Files Aren't Right

If you make changes and they don't show up on your website check you've uploaded the right file, e.g. if you change the CSS file make sure you've re-uploaded your CSS file, not the page file.

Make sure you have the right extension, e.g. if you're using virtual includes make sure you use the .shtml extension on your web pages.

Check that the file you uploaded is the latest version. In your FTP program you may need to go up a level in the local files then back into the folder with the file you want to upload. Check the time and date on the file to make sure it is showing the latest version.

Extra Characters On The Page

If your page/navbar or whatever looks weird with lots of extra characters make sure you save the code as .txt before you save it as .shtml or .html  to remove any hidden formatting your text editor/word processor/web page designer may put in.

Problems With Virtual Includes

Have you got the right path to the virtual include, e.g. if the include is in the support files folder, have you got support files in the link?

Check that you haven't made a small mistake with the link text. Are both quote marks there etc.

I Hope It Helps

I know there will be other problems I haven't mentioned. These are just some that I've come across myself, so I hope they help to solve most of the template problems you'll come across.

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