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Attracting More Visitors To Your Website

Hi, it's Warren again, with part 4 of,  "The Insider Secrets To Web Success".

Todays secret will help you get a lot more targeted visitors to your website and get them returning over and over again while your cpmpetition wonders what's wrong withe their sites.

Secret No 6 -  Have Plenty Of Pages With Useful Info

If you build a website that's full of useful information you have two big advantages over your competition with their brochure style websites. It's like you're in a car race and your car has a thumping big V8 while theirs has a lawn mower engine. You're going to beat them hands down for 3 reasons.

Vistors want to solve their problems

The first is that most people on the internet are looking for information to solve a problem or to help them in some way. If you have a brochure style website you're really only catering to people that are almost ready to buy. You're wasting an awful lot of opportunity because the information seeking visitors are just going to leave your site which doesn't help them and head to one that does help (your competition).

Ideally though, they'll find your competition doesn't help, but that your site is the font of all knowledge that they've been searching for.

How does it help you if these visitors are only at the information seeking stage? Just wait for installment 6 of "The Insider Secrets To Web Success", and you'll learn how you can use these visitors to boost your website sales from 100% to 1000%.

The Numbers Are On Your Side

The second way an information rich website helps you pulverize the competition is with sheer weight of numbers. They'll have 5 or so unfocused pages describing their business. You'll have 10, 20 or 100 pages of keyword-focused useful information. Every page is another chance to be found in the search engines.

Don't panic though. You don't have to write all the pages straight away. Your site can go live with just a few pages, and if you add one page a week at the end of the year you'll have 50 pages and 50 chances of being found in the search engines.

Visitors Will Return

The 3rd way plenty of information rich pages will help you is that there is a reason for these visitors to return to your site which is to get more useful information. The more times they return the more chances you have of converting them into a client.

How do you know what to write about?

You can come up with dozens of ideas for your web pages without a lot of trouble.

Use Your Experience

First think about all the questions your customers ask you. Every common question could be a page on your site. Think about all the problems your clients could have. There are more pages. What do your customers want help with? What advice do you need to give most often?

Do Keyword Research

Use all these ideas that you've brainstormed as seed words for keyword research and you'll come up with dozens more ideas. You'll be writing information rich pages for months or years and you could be amking sales from these pages.

For example, If you have a plant nursery, your customers might want to know how to prune their roses. You can have a page telling them, and you can tell them about the best rose fertilizer (that you sell) the best natural pesticides (that you sell) and the best secateurs for pruning roses (that you sell). You get the idea.

If your visitor don't buy straight away though, remember installment 6 will tell you what to do.
So having more real information gives many more pages of good search engine bait, it gets potential customers to your site, and it keeps them coming back to your site, giving you much more opportunity to turn them into a customer.

What About Long Distance Visitors?

Some of your customers could be living 1000 miles away though. What can you do to turn them into customers of your local business? 

You could think about mail order sales, selling products through an affiliate program, or selling an information product like an instant download e-book.

But if you use local search terms in your keywords and on your web pages, you should get plenty of local visitors.

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