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How To Turn Visitors Into Customers

Hi, it's Warren again with part 6 of "The Insider Secrets To Web Success".

Todays insider secrets will help turn website visitors into customers.

Secret No 8 - Follow Up With Your Website Visitors

Over 95% of website owner don't do this, and lose well over 80% of their possible sales.
You don't have be one of them.

In offline marketing you're told that someone has to see our message 7 times before they buy. It's no different online. Very few people buy the first time they see an offer. I know I don't, unless it's something I'm desperate to have and I'm actively looking for it.

Most of the visitors to your website won't be that desperate. They're looking for information, and aren't yet ready to buy anything. Maybe they don't know that they actually need anything. So how do you follow up with someone you don't know who just pops in and has a look at your website then pops out again? They probably will never be back.

You Need To Get Their Email Address

Visitors are on your site for a reason. They're looking for information in your field of expertise, so try to sign them up for your  newsletter or mini-course.  That way you can keep in touch over a period of weeks or months until they are ready to buy.

You Need To Give To Get

Getting your visitor to give you their email address isn't easy these days. To get a good signup rate you need to do better than just say "sign up for my newsletter". You need to give an incentive.

The incentive can be anything that your visitors sees as being of value. For my website, it's a mini-course giving the secrets on getting visitors to websites and turning them into customers. 

 For many businesses a useful mini-course  will do the trick, eg "5 mistakes that will cost you money when you sell your house" from a realtor, "7 tips to make your home more secure" from a home security specialist and so on.

Discount vouchers can work too, and the discount can be for your business, or another business that you have worked out a joint venture with. Prizes can also work, such as "Go in our monthly draw for a free meal for you and a friend" if you have a restaurant.

Once you have their email address you do need to give them value. Usually it is in the form of information - "It's rose pruning time soon, this is how you do it to get the absolute best results". you can add in a bit of selling of course. "To get your roses blooming you need a good organic fertilizer. Rose Plus is one of the best because ..., and you can get it from us here at Northern Nurseries".  You get the idea.

Keep In Contact Over A Period Of Time

A minicourse is a lot better than a one off report, because your prospective customer is hearing from you regularly. You can show them a series of emails why your product or service is what they've been looking for, even if they didn't know that they were looking.
Remember to presell though. If you just send a sales letter every time your potential client will unsubscribe from the course or newsletter and you lose them.

Sending The Mini-Course

To send a minicourse you need a sequential autoresponder that automatically sends a series emails at specified intervals. Many webhosts have an autoresponder as part of the [package, but they only send one message, no good for a minicourse.

Aweber is the most trusted autoresponder available, and it costs around $20/month at the time of writing. Not bad for something that can increase sales by 100 to 1000% There are free autoresponders and cheap ones as well, but the general consensus of marketers is that Aweber is worth the money.

Site Build It has a built in sequential autoresponder and that is what I'm using for this mini course. since you need to pay for hosting and a keyword tool as well at trhe very least, it's cheaper to go with Site Build It, which has an awful lot of other useful tools as well. Read My Review.

Secret No 9 - Have A Call To Action

Having no call to action can waste all your hard work getting a prospective client to actually visit your website is wasted. They come, they look and they leave, never to be seen again.

Most websites make this mistake. Most small business websites are actually brochure types, in other words they're like an online version of your business brochure, this is who we are, this is where we are, and this is what we do. And, they look really nice and give you a warm and fuzzy feeling when you look at it, but they don't make money.

Visitors aren't looking for information on your business, they're looking for solutions to their problems.

A far better form of website for a small business owner is the direct response website, an information rich website with a call to action, and the best action you can get for the long term success of your business is the visitors email address. Then you can develop a long term relationship with the visitor, and sell to them over and over again.

You need a call to action to get the visitors email address so you can send them your mini-course and your newsletter. You need more than your phone number or just saying sign up for my newletter.

Don't just say Phone: 222-3333, say call us now on 222-3333, or email us now, or join my newsletter now and get your free report on ...

Your call to action should be on every page of your website, because you never know what page visitors land on, and many visitors only visit one or two pages. if you're a local business your call to action should include your locality. -

Pete's Plumbing Servicing Armidale, Guyra, Walcha and Inveral, Call us 8-5 on 222-333. After hours? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you asap. Emergency? Call our emergency number right now ...

And sign up for our newsletter to get our free report, "5 Ways To Halve Your Hot Water Cost"

Then your business will come up in a locality search, eg "plumber in armidale".

The top right is a good spot to put your call to action. It's the most seen spot on your entire page, or the top right or left columns could also be used.

The call to action could be to sign up for your newsletter or mini course.

The call to action is very easy to do and will have an immediate effect on your increasing your sales or sign ups.

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